The Ewers-Tyne Collection of Worcester Porcelain At Cheekwood

The Ewers-Tyne Collection of Worcester Porcelain At Cheekwood

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AutorJohn Sandon
TítuloThe Ewers-Tyne Collection of Worcester Porcelain At Cheekwood
EditoraAntique Collector Club
Ano de Edição2010
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OrigemReino Unido
SinopseThis catalogue of the Ewers-Tyne Collection provides lovers of fine porcelain with a very special opportunity. Curiously, this is the first time that all three centuries of Worcester porcelain have been presented together in a single book. The earliest pieces at Cheekwood were made in the middle of the eighteenth century. During the Dr Wall Period, Worcester porcelain was inspired by China and Japan and yet has an English charm all of its own. Important early coloured wares copy royal productions from Dresden and Sèvres. Here are special pieces from famous services, some painted in the Giles workshop in London. Split into two separate factories during the Regency period, the Flight family ran the original Worcester works in partnership with the Barrs. Meanwhile the Chamberlain family set up a rival factory across the city. Many masterpieces from the early nineteenth century are in the Ewers-Tyne Collection, including specimens from some of the finest armorial services finished off with sumptuous gilding. The Worcester Royal Porcelain Company, known today as Royal Worcester, was established in 1862. The Victorian period is represented at Cheekwood by the incredible figures of James Hadley and Thomas Brock, while painted porcelain by senior artists show how the traditions of fine craftsmanship continued into the twentieth century. Henry and John Sandon are the leading authorities on Worcester porcelain and their informative text accompanies clear colour illustrations of every piece. The result is a beautiful as well as invaluable reference book detailing the long history of porcelain making at Worcester. This sumptuous volume provides a fitting tribute to an inspired collection housed in the gorgeous setting of Cheekwood in Nashville, Tennessee