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Curtiss Motorcycles : 1902–1912

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Curtiss Motorcycles : 1902–1912

Grupo Livros

AutorRichard Leisenring
TítuloCurtiss Motorcycles : 1902–1912
EditoraSchiffer Books
Ano de Edição2024
Número de Páginas176
SinopseThe first and only book on the motorcycles designed, engineered, and raced by aviation icon and renowned engineering genius Glenn H. Curtiss. Glenn H. Curtiss is one of the most important pioneers of aviation and is considered one of the greatest engineering minds of the early 20th century. Curtiss was the chief rival of the Wright brothers in the very early days of flight. He was much more than a pilot and aircraft designer, however. The Hammondsport, New York, native's first experience with speed and engineering was with bicycles and, very shortly afterward, with motorcycles. From 1902 to 1912, Curtiss and his team built, sold, and raced engines and complete motorbikes out of their shop in Hammondsport. In 1907, Glenn himself set a world land speed record of 136 mph on board his extreme V-8-powered bike. He was labeled the fastest man on Earth until 1911 and the fastest man on a motorcycle until 1930! This is the complete history of the motorcycles produced by the Curtiss company from 1902 to 1912, authored by Richard Leisenring Jr., the curator emeritus of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport. In these pages, readers will learn • the history of all the motorcycles engineered and built by Glenn Curtiss—including the Hercules, Erie, Marvel, and Curtiss models—and why they are still collectible and sought after today; • how Glenn Curtiss went from building motorcycles in his home shop to an engineering and aviation icon; and • how Curtiss’s work with motorcycles served as a gateway to his later engineering work on balloons, travel and commercial trailers, airplanes, and other projects. Included are more than 100 photos, most of which are rarely seen vintage photos from the archives of the Curtiss Museum. Explore the early years, engineering beginnings, and motorcycles of Glenn H. Curtiss—a true engineering genius.
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